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Victron Energy Lynx Ion BMS 400A

Victron Energy

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Ultra-high energy density

185Wh/kg thanks to Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (NMC) technology

Fan cooled

For high charge and discharge currents (up to 2C for short periods)

Parallel and series connection

Up to 64 batteries can be parallel connected.
For 48V systems two batteries can be connected in series, and up to 32 strings of two batteries can be parallel connected.

Galvanically isolated CAN-Bus communication

Protocol: VE.Can/NMEA2000

Lynx-ion BMS: 400A or 1000A

The Lynx-ion BMS reduces wiring and installation time to a minimum: it combines four fused battery connections, four fused DC load connections, a safety contactor and a current shunt with a BMS in one compact enclosure.

Monitoring: The Color Control GX or Venus GX

Monitors the complete system.
Is the gateway for remote monitoring on the VRM online portal.
Adds an amazing amount of useful functionality to system (such as a very sophisticated generator start-stop program
See the Color Control GX and Venus GX datasheet for more information.

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