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Rotary Drive Type 2, 24V


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Raymarine Rotary Drive Type 2, 24V


Type 2 Rotary Drive, 24 Volt, for sprocket and chain type steering systems on vessels up to a displacement of 44,000 lb (20,000kg). 7.7"H x 7.2"W x 10.8"D. Raymarine Mechanical Rotary Drives

The rotary drive is designed for power and sailboat systems that can be driven from the helm position through a chain and sprocket (e.g. cable and rod steering system). The outstanding design of the Raymarine rotary drive unit provides smooth, powerful autopilot controlled steering with quiet operation. Optional drive sprockets and modification to the steering chain may be required.


                                                 Mechanical Rotary 
Rotary Drive  Rotary Drive 
Drive Type

Type 1

12V: M81135

Type 2

12V: M81136 24V: M81137
Maximum boat displacement 11,000 kg 20,000 kg
Peak output torque 20 nm 34 nm
Maximum shaft speed 33 rpm 33 rpm
Recommended hard-over times (no load) 10 seconds 10 seconds
Power consumption 24-48 W 60-84 W
Corepack used  ACU-200 ACU-400

  • SKU: RAY-M81137
  • UPC: 023193811376
  • Brand: Raymarine

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