Raymarine 4KW HD Digital Radar Pedestal w/VCM100

Raymarine 4KW HD Digital Radar Pedestal w/VCM100


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Raymarine 4KW HD Digital Radar Pedestal. High Definition Digital 4KW pedestal, 72 nm, 12 & 24VDC operation. Includes VCM100 voltage converter module, mounting hardware, and manual. May not work w/ older MFDs. (requires array & interconnect cable)

4KW HD Digital Radar Pedestal w/o Array or Cable

This 4 KW Open Array Radar Scanner brings the power of Raymarine's HD Digital technology to radar, delivering unmatched performance and ease-of-use. When connected to a Raymarine E-Series Widescreen MFD, HD Digital Radar Scanners feature automatic "Bird Mode" radar scanning, turning your radar system into a long-range fishfinder. Seabirds naturally congregate above schools of baitfish. At the same time, game fish also congregate near the bait. With the touch of a button, the radar intelligently configures itself for best detecting these birds. The HD Digital technology raises the sensitivity of the scanner, while at the same time suppressing unwanted echoes from wave tops, atmospheric contamination, and moisture. The resulting picture clearly defines bird contacts at long range and delivers you the long-range intelligence you need for a successful day of fishing.

Raymarine's HD Digital technology brings radar users the power of digital signal processing with a truly adaptive transmitter and receiver that automatically adjusts to changing environmental and sea conditions. HD Digital radar delivers a dramatically clearer radar picture with crisp, well-defined contact echoes and life-like target presentation. HD Digital radar's wide receiver bandwidth and high-speed digital processing detect weak and distant contacts that are invisible to traditional analog radar systems, while virtually eliminating clutter, noise and false echoes.

The pedestal requires either a 4' or 6' open array and an interconnect cable to complete the installation. Both are sold separately.  


Input Voltage Includes VCM100 voltage converter (requires 12-24 VDC)
Antenna 4' or 6' array sold separately
Power 4KW; 72 nm.
Beamwidth 1.8° (4' array) or 1.1° (6' array)
Interface SeaTalk-hs (Ethernet)
Other Functions Tuned for "Bird Mode"; 24 rpm antenna rotation rate
Dimensions Pedestal: 16.2" x 12.75" x 15.8"; Wt: 56.4 lbs.
Warranty Two Year, with one-year extension after online registration

In the Box

  • 4 KW Pedestal
  • VCM100 voltage converter
  • Installation hardware and documentation
  • SKU: RAY-E52069E
  • UPC:  723193520949
  • Brand: Raymarine

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