Whizzy Ride Electric Bike R1 S

Whizzy Ride

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 Electric Bike R1S

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Whizzy Ride Adult Electric bike, they are eco-friendly and 100% electric, featuring smart tech solutions so you can listen to music, answer phone calls, and more! With their modern, practical, and ergonomic design, we think you will find your Whizzy Ride to be the perfect transportation solution.


Fashionable, intelligent, portable, foldable, electric bike. With a unique design and the best quality components on the market. It is incredibly beautiful, strong, comfortable, and it has the latest smart technology in a water proof design. The ideal modern way to move around. This E-Bike is the Gold Standard in the industry.

New Model: 48V, 350W, 10.4AH

  • Much stronger, faster acceleration, better uphill drive, recommended for hill usage, heavier person, or just for more fun !!!



max speed 23 mph = 37 km/h
Endurance mileage 27-34 miles = 45-55 km
Charging time 3-5 hours
Battery type lithium
Battery capacity 10.4 Ah
Nominal voltage 48 V
Motor type Brushless gear motor
Rated Power 350 W
Motor rated torque 6.6 N.M
Weight 39 lbs = 18 kg
Loading weight 264 lbs = 120 kg
Electricity consumption for one charging round 0.3 degree
Overcurrent protection 13A +- 1A
Controller under-voltage protection 30 +- 1V
Controller power tube number 6 tubes
Unfold size 3.9 ft* 2.1 ft*3.2 ft
Fold size 4 ft* 1.7 ft* 0.88 ft



  1. Global unique appearance, designed in the Netherlands by RG team
  2. Smart gear control, with 4 levels of gears (1, 2, 3, 4).
  3. German engine from Bosch
  4. Smart LCD display, shows the gear, battery level, bike temperature, speed, riding range.
  5. Temperature display. Real-time temperature display gives you meticulous care
  6. Smart USB power bank, with floating output 5V 1A - 2A, smartly fitting the charged device.
  7. Premium front LED White Light: lighting range 10 meters.
  8. Water-proof stereo Bluetooth speaker to play the music from your mobile/tablet/ PC. Effective distance can be reached within 30ft, which makes you enjoy riding.
  9. Remote control with a burglar alarm and panic button: easy to lock/unlock the e-bike. when locked, there is burglar alarm if someone moves the e-bike.
  10. Keyless entry to the e-bike.
  11. Frame: aviation grade 6061 aluminum alloy, very good intensity and toughness. Unique 3-dimension K shape structure brings an ultramodern visual effect
  12. Tire: Taiwan CST BRAND e-bike pro tire, inflatable and ultra durable.
  13. Ultra lightweight: 39 lbs (18kg) only for the entire bike but structure strength ensured
  14. 1-second quick fold.
  15. Water-proof: IPX4, tested and approved by TUV.
  16. Premium front & rear disc brakes.
  17. Front fork with Suspension: anti-shock at the front fork, leading a comfortable trip.
  18. LG original battery cells, 3.6V * 2.2Ah * 40pcs cells!
  19. Cruise Control System. To set one speed, and just sit!
  20. CE, RoHS, FCC certified, tested and approved by SGS.
  21. Genuine leather saddle, soft and comfortable.
  22. Front and rear dual brake system ensures safe riding
  23. Brake to power-off device, activating any brake function will stop power supply
  24. Front wheel equipped with special suspension device can decrease vibration efficiently during riding.
  25. 5 Year Warranty

The latest model - 2017, German engine from Bosch, best on the market and the most powerful, removable battery from LG, top-quality components.

We guarantee the highest quality and satisfaction!



  • It is the Mercedes Benz of Electric Bikes.
  • You can go wherever you want: visit parks, beaches - just use the bike roads or sidewalks.
  • Forget the parking problems and parking fees. You can easily park even in city center and crowded places
  • Our bikes are foldable in seconds so you can transport it in the trunk of your car or take on the yacht or boat.
  • Use our bikes as a transportation to work, school, for shopping or just ride for pleasure.
  • Don't worry about theft - alarm and keyless entry will give a peace of mind.
  • No gas expenses, no gas smell! Affordable and pleasant exploitation.
  • Use Bluetooth speakers or connect your phone through USB port and listen to your favorite music during a ride
  • Be ECO-friendly- use carbon emission free and noise free transportation!

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