"72 Boat Brakes Para Tech - Sea People Depot

"72 Boat Brakes Para Tech

Sea People Depot

  • $429.00

Features & Benefits

  • Easy To Use
  • Self-Opening (Built-in Floats & Weight)
  • Slows Big Boats
  • Improves Fishing Success
  • Provides Greater Boat Control
  • Aids Disabled Craft
  • Allow for Quick and Easy Retrieval
  • Permits Tandem Use for Extra Drag
  • Reinforced Construction
  • Convenient Storage Bag
  • Saves Time, Fuel, & Money


Trolling: Boat Brakes is ideal for fast trolling boats with high H.P. engines. It eliminates the expense and needs for small auxiliary trolling motors. (See diagram.)

Drift Fishing: Boat Brakes is specially designed for drift fishing. It allows fishermen to drift slowly over their favorite fishing spots on windy days. Plus, it removes the need to constantly run the engine to counteract wind. (See diagram.)

Emergency Use: Boat Brakes is a must for any disabled watercraft to help keep the bow of the craft into the wind, minimizing the possibility of swamping or capsizing.