MASTERVOLT Battery Mate IG 1602 – 3 Battery Isolator


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The Battery Mate is the ultimate solution for charging several batteries simultaneously and is compatible with any type of alternator/battery charger, in both existing and new systems.

Performs far better than conventional battery isolators. This ensures fast and complete charging of your batteries without having to make additional adjustments to the alternator. Its components compensate for variations in voltage and ensure that charging continues at the right voltage level, even with several battery banks.

The input side is connected to the alternator and/or battery charger, while two batteries are connected to the output side. Easy to install on a DIN rail (industry standard).

  • Part #: 469-83116035
  • Manufacturer: MASTERVOLT
  • Cross References: MVT 83116035, 26-4668, 2247-5501, 22475501

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Weight 2.2 lbs

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