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A perfect match for your 140W panel. The ultra high-speed MPPT in the GV-10 is so effective it reduces your system cost per Watt.
Not all Maximum Power Point Tracking controllers were created equally. Most use a sweep and sleep method that scans the entire voltage range every 30-60 seconds. That’s okay for a clear day, but traditional controllers are constantly off target during changing cloud conditions – exactly when power is scarce and needs the most. Genasun controllers adapt to changing light conditions 20 times every second. They are always on target, capturing every bit of available sunshine. Simply put, other controllers can’t keep up.

Genasun controllers are deployed to the most remote locations on earth. They endure years at sea, harsh Antarctic winters, freezing conditions in the upper atmosphere on solar powered airplanes, and in a few off-the-map locations. Made in the USA, each controller is put through complete electrical testing to ensure reliability. If you need mission-critical power, this is your controller.

  • 98.3% Peak Efficiency
  • High-Speed MPPT
  • Advanced electronic protections
  • Tiny night consumption (0.9mA)
  • Marine-Grade
  • 5-Year Warranty

A Perfect Match for your 140W Panel The GV-10 was designed to maximize the usable energy from a 140W panel. With Continuous Maximum Power Point Tracking, and night consumption of only 0.9mA, the GV-10 delivers results. In fact, the GV-10 is so effective at increasing panel output, it lowers your system cost ($/W) compared to a PWM controller and larger panel.

Computer controlled, 4-Stage battery charging Precise computer controlled charging ensures the optimal charge cycle for your battery. This increases the battery life, and maximizes battery capacity.


  • Model: GV-10-Pb-12VMax.
  • Recommended Panel Power 140W
  • Rated Battery (Output) Current 10.5A
  • Nominal Battery Voltage 12VMax
  • Panel Voltage (Voc) 34V
  • Recommended Max Voc at STC 27VMin.
  • Battery Voltage for Operation 8.5V
  • Charging Voltages Flooded Sealed
  • Equalization Voltage 15.0V
  • Equalization Time 2 Hours —
  • Equalization Interval 30 Days —
  • Bulk Voltage 14.6V 14.3V
  • Absorption Voltage 14.4V 14.1V
  • Absorption Time 2.5 hours
  • Float Voltage 13.5V 13.7V
  • Model: GV-10-Pb-12V
  • Operating Temp. Range -40°F – 185°F (-40°C – 85°C)
  • Electrical Efficiency 96% – 98% typical Night Consumption 0.9mA
  • Connection 4-position terminal block for 12-30AWG wire
  • Weight 0.41 lbs (6.5 oz., 185g)
  • Dimensions 5.5 x 2.5 x 1.2″ (14 x 6.5 x 3.1 cm)
  • Warranty 5 Years
  • SKU: GESGV-10-PB-12V

Surviving the Storm with Low Power Burn Every controller uses power, but while a typical MPPT controller burns 27mA, the Genasun GV-10 burns a scant 0.9mA. This difference in consumption effectively allows the GV-10 to put an extra half an amp-hour into your battery every day, resulting in a critical benefit while waiting out a snow-covered panel or a few bad weeks of clouds.

Radio Silence Most MPPT solar charge controllers broadcast Radio Frequency noise from the DC/DC conversion circuit. Unfiltered inputs and outputs waste energy and interfere with nearby or attached electronics. Genasun worked to eliminated RF emissions from our line of charge controllers. During third-party testing for FCC compliance, the test engineer asked us, “Is it on?”. Mission accomplished.

No Fans. No Relays. Fans get clogged with dust and dirt. Relays eventually stop switching. Genasun controllers use advanced electrical design that obsoletes these parts. With fewer moving parts to wear out, Genasun controllers outlast the competition.

Fault Tolerance Electronic reverse-battery protection. Electronic reverse-panel protection.Load short-circuit protection. Load protected from reversed battery.

Part # GESGV-10-PB-12V

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Weight 0.41 lbs

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