Blue Sky Energy Solar Boost 3024iL DUO


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Blue Sky Energy Solar Boost 3024iL DUO

SB3024iL with Factory Installed DUO-Option.

ETL/cETL Listed to UL1741, CE Labeled


Solar Boost 3024i and 3024iL MPPT charge controllers include a 20 amp load control output. The DUO-Option software converts the auxiliary output into a 20 amp diversion type PWM charge controller. The DUO-Option allows a 3024 to provide charge control for hydroelectric, wind or similar DC generators requiring diversion type charge control while at the same time providing MPPT type PV charge control. The MPPT PV Power Controller and the new Diversion Power controller operate as a single coordinated charge control system fed by multiple power sources. Operation is similar to the coordinated operation of multiple 3024’s on Blue Sky Energy’s IPN Network. This coordinated approach provides superior battery charge control for hybrid systems compared to using a separate diversion charge controller.


FeaturesBlue Sky Energy Solar Boost 3024iL DUO Option Upgrade

  • The upgrade Duo-Option chip (pictured at right) is factory installed in the SB3024iL, so you don’t have to do it!
  • Converts SB3024i(L) Auxiliary Output Into 20 Amp Diversion PWM Charge Controller For Wind or Hydroelectric Generators
  • Provides Both MPPT PV Charge Control & Diversion Charge Control In the Same Unit
  • Available Current Booster Module Increases Diversion Current In 40 amp Increments
  • Full 12 month limited warranty

Blue Sky Energy Solar Boost DUO option

Blue Sky Energy

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