Accusteer HRP05 Hydraulic Reversing Pump 24 Volt


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Accusteer HRP05, 24 Volt

Reversing Hydraulic Pump

Hydraulic Reversing Pump, 24V, light duty,  output of .5 cubic inches per sec (8.2 cc/sec) for autopilot rams up to 12 cu. inches.

The Accu-Steer HRP Series pump sets are designed to interface hydraulic steering systems with autopilot and electric steering controls. The output flow from the pump set determines the speed of the rudder.


  • HRP05 outputs 0.5 cu in/sec
  • Rugged compact construction
  • Units mount easily
  • Gerotor gear technology ensures “Whisper Quiet” operation
  • Ideal for new and retrofit applications
  • Can be used with most autopilots
  • SKU: ACC-600-072
  • Brand: Accusteer
  • HRP05-24

Additional information

Weight 10.0 lbs

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