Lithium Battery

Why choose a Lithium battery over any other marine battery?

  • Meet all your power needs with less than 1/4 the weight and space on your vessel
  • 6 to 8 times longer life than lead acid .
  • 1/2 to 2 hour recharge times (FOUR TIMES FASTER THAN LEAD ACID) .
  • Saves engine or generator running time and fuel .
  • 3 Times more energy harvested ( Replaces : 6.4V, 9.6V, 12.8V, 16V, 24V, 36V, 48V, etc. )
  • Safer than any other lithium Battery or any other type of battery on the market.
  • Continues to perform the same and accept fast charging even towards the end of its life , unlike lead acid batteries in which the performance decreases dramatically in the last 1/3 of battery life .
  • Continues a consistent voltage output even while battery charge is low unlike lead acid batteries.
  • Higher reliability and less replacement associated costs and delays.
  • Easy installation with internal battery monitoring system.
  • SeaPeople Depot in a partnership with Lithionics Batteries offers the latest, most advanced and the safest Lithium Batteries manufactured by Lithionics in the United States .
  • Lithionics has the best safety record of any other Lithium Battery.

We have put together some of the most common packages to replace Lead acid and AGM batteries used on cruising boats.
Because Lithium batteries can go down very low without damage to the battery , you can replace your current battery bank with less than half the amount of Amp hours on your new Lithium replacement battery. Example : If you have a house bank of 600 Amp hours of Lead acid batteries and you have a daily consumption of power of between 180 and 200 Amp hours, you can replace it with 240 Lithium Amp hours giving you your 200 Amp hours of maximum daily consumption plus a safety net of 20% for engine starting ( Lithium batteries can be set to shut down at 20% capacity ) thus eliminating the need for a separate starting battery, saving a lot of weight and space in the process.

What makes our Lithium battery system the SAFEST?

  • The BMS (Never-Die Dual-Channel Battery Management System): “Dual-Channel” means that the charge side of your system can be isolated from the load side of your system by the BMS. If there is a problem on either side, it will not interrupt the performance or damage equipment on the other side.
  • Multi-level protection system. The BMS pack level computers are backed up by cell-level sensors, communicating via a rugged “cell loop” (vs. the fragile communication cables of other lithium systems). The result is continuous protection at both the cell and pack levels that is resistant to both water and physical damage.
  • ION-EXT: Ion-Extinguishing Technology is a nano-ceramic polyamide separator coating within each cell that boosts charge and discharges rates, and forms a shut-down curtain in the event of cell failure (Including “Nail Penetration”) The Result: cells and batteries with a 100% safety record for 4 consecutive years.
  • FEC (Field Effect Control) Alternator protection: All BMS units come with a simple alternator disconnect circuit. The BMS will automatically turn off the alternator before a high voltage cutoff, thus protecting your alternator(s) in an HVC situation.
  • The battery cases are watertight thus protecting the cell level circuitry. They have an IP rating of 64 meaning that they are totally protected against dust and are protected from water splashed from all directions.
    The internal battery monitoring system (BMS) means easy installations and no external (BMS) purchase needed.

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