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Marine Batteries

Marine Batteries have become one of the most important items for todays cruisers. Batteries for boats have evolved considerably over the last few years since the invention of the Lead Acid battery many years ago to the more advanced AGM and Lithium batteries being used by cruisers of today. The evolution has been in direct response to the demands of the modern cruisers who depend on a reliable energy system to power navigational, communications and others systems on board . The price per charge cycle has been decreased significantly and the lifespan of the battery has been significantly increased.

AGM Batteries

AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries are great in both deep cycle and starting applications. They charge more quickly than conventional batteries, have low 3% monthly self-discharge rates and are maintenance-free—no need to add water. The spill-proof, valve-regulated design eliminates acid spills and terminal corrosion. AGM batteries are safer to operate than conventional flooded batteries, as the chance of explosion or acid spray is reduced which allow them to be installed in almost any location and any position (except upside-down).

Benefits of Lithium batteries

  • Meet all your power needs with less than 1/4 the weight and space on your vessel
  • 6 to 8 times longer life than lead acid .
    1/2 to 2 hour recharge times (FOUR TIMES FASTER THAN LEAD ACID) .
  • Saves engine or generator running time and fuel .
  • 3 Times more energy harvested ( Replaces : 6.4V, 9.6V, 12.8V, 16V, 24V, 36V, 48V, etc. )
  • Safer than any other lithium Battery or any other type of battery on the market.
  • Continues to perform the same and accept fast charging even towards the end of its life , unlike lead acid batteries in which the performance decreases dramatically in the last 1/3 of battery life .
  • Continues a consistent voltage output even while battery charge is low unlike lead acid batteries.

SeaPeople Depot offers both AGM Batteries and Lithium Batteries capable of replacing most Lead Acid battery banks on cruising boats.

SeaPeople Depot also offers different battery system components such as Battery Isolators and Battery Monitoring Systems.

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