1. You will be helping the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.

It is estimated that each home taking electricity from the grid is responsible for 7.5 Million tons of CO2 each year pumped into  the air by the power company using different fossil fuel methods to produce that electricity, that's 20,547 pounds of CO2 each day! 

A self sufficient solar home produces all the electricity it needs from the sun, unlimited clean and free energy.

2. You will increase the value of your home with $0 out of pocket.

The US Department of Energy funded a 7 year research study by the  Lawrence Berkley Laboratories of over 92,000 homes indicated that an average home that added solar appreciated in market value $5,500 for every 1 kilowatt of Solar System that was added to the home.

Example : If they added a 10 Kilowatt system, the home value went up $55,000. It has been demonstrated that adding solar increases the value of your property instantly, more so than any other home improvement and that buyers are more likely to buy homes that have solar installed because of the tremendous savings on electricity bills.

3. You will switch your electricity payment to acquire a valuable asset and improve your home.

You’ll use the money that you currently spend on electricity to pay off your Home Solar Power System. You will be using other people's money and $0 out of pocket to switch to Solar.

4. Get Free money from the federal Government.

If you pay taxes, The Federal Government will send you a check for 30% of the value of your system and you can use that money for anything you want including paying down your system. 

5. Save thousands by eliminating your electric bill.

A $200 a month bill can add up to many thousands of dollars over just a few years.

Your Home Solar Power System will produce double the power that you need during the day and store all the extra power on the grid for use at night.  The idea is to make your consumption equal your production and eliminate your electric bill.  



 Frequently Asked Questions


Do all homes qualify for solar?

The level of shade, position of your house in relation to the sun, your type of roof and roof rights will determine whether your home is a good candidate for solar or not. (One of our accredited solar advisors will be able to give you that information during your FREE Home Solar Energy Evaluation).

Are all Solar Companies the same ?

Absolutely not, there are many Solar Contractors. We only work with accredited solar contractors that have over 5 years experience and maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and with the Association of Contractors. Working with the right contractor can make switching to solar easy and expedite the whole process.

How long does it take to install?

There are numerous permits that must be approved prior to installation including building permits, electrical permits  homeowners association permits. This is when working with the right contractor that is familiar with the entire process and has dedicated personnel for these tasks can expedite the process for you.  Usually our accredited solar contractors we’ll have your engineering design finished, permits pulled, HOA approval (if applicable), and installation completed between 8 to 12 weeks. 

Will I Qualify for the loan If I have bad credit?

There are programs sponsored by the Federal Government and Local governments in which your credit will not be the deciding factor. During your FREE Home Solar Evaluation you can find out if you qualify for those programs. 

Why is now the best time to switch to Solar ?

The 30% Federal Tax Incentive or ITC expires in 2019 and the current administration already has indicated that it wants to get rid of it sooner. The best time to switch to Solar is NOW.  

What is The Next Step?

Take action by filling out the information below to receive a Free Home Solar Evaluation and quotes by 3 established accredited and reputable Solar contractors in your area . We only recommend Solar contractors that are ethical, honest, and professional with an established record of customer satisfaction and that can provide the most knowlegeable assessment of your particular energy needs.