Simrad 21120001 SD10 Mechanical Drive Unit


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Simrad SD10 Mechanical Drive Unit

SD10 Mechanical Drive unit, for sailboats 25 ft.-37 ft., with 6 ft. steering cable, electromagnetic clutch with override function, built in rudder feedback, and 12 V power supply (Low Current Computer required).

The SD10 Sailboat Drive system makes it easy and economical to install an autopilot on small to medium size sailboats with access to a quadrant or tiller.

The drive system is powerful and fast – capable of delivering over 180 kg/400 lbs of cable thrust, with a normal H.O. to H.O. time of 12-15 seconds.
The system comprises of a Drive Unit, a Steering Cable and a Universal Connection Kit. The drive unit can be installed in any convenient location. The steering cable and connection kit transmit the steering forces to the quadrant or tiller. Standard steering cable length is 2 m (6 feet) – other lengths available on request. The drive unit has a drive motor and solenoid clutch which allows hand steering when disengaged. The drive unit also has a built in adjustable thrust limiter and an integral rudder feedback (RFB) device.

Powerful and fast
180 kg/400 lbs of cable thrust
Easy and economical to install

SKU: SIM-21120001
UPC: 809190335394
Brand: Simrad

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