MXA-5000 Black Box AIS Receiver


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ICOM MXA-5000 Black Box AIS Receiver

Increase Your Situational Awareness in Congested Areas

The MXA-5000 receives both Ch. 87B (161.975MHz) and Ch. 88B (162.025MHz) simultaneously. This dual channel receiver makes the MXA-5000 more flexible for obtaining AIS information from AIS transponders that operate on only one channel. In addition, the MXA-5000 also receives both Class A and Class B AIS data.

The MXA-5000 has two data outputs. One is RS-422 for connection with equipment such as a marine radar or GPS chart plotter. Equipments that accepts the VDM sentence format will show the AIS data on the display. The second is RS-232C for a PC connection. When using with AIS plotter software (not supplied by Icom), the MXA-5000 allows you to monitor other vessel traffic on your PC.

The MXA-5000 can be installed between a VHF antenna and a VHF radio. While receiving a VHF radio signal, the MXA-5000 receives AIS data. When you transmit from the connected VHF radio, the Tx signal bypasses the MXA-5000 to protect the internal circuit.

Receives AIS information such as:

  • Static information ? vessel call sign, name, MMSI number, dimensions, and type
  • Voyage-related information ? draft, cargo type, destination, and estimated time of arrival
  • Dynamic information ? time, latitude/longitude position, course over ground, speed over ground, heading, rate of turn, and navigational statusr
  • Part Number: A5000 01
  • Dimensions: 5.2″W x 1.4″H x 6.1″D
  • Power: 12 VDC

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