Victron Phoenix Inverter Compact 24/1200 230V VE.Bus


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Victron Phoenix Inverter Compact 24/1200 230V VE.Bus

(CIN241220000) belongs to the next generation after Victron’s Phoenix 12/80-1200 series. Compared to their preceding models devices out of the compact-class come with a widely enhanced range of functions.
Especially in terms of communication there are several new features which make the C24/1200 a future-proof investment that provides a constant performance of 1000W. This device converts a 12V DC battery current into a 230V AC current with a pure sine wave at 50Hz which also allows the supply of very sensitive electronic components.
This inverter comes with excellent consumption and efficiency characteristics and moreover supports the parallel and three-phase operation with other Phoenix inverters out of this series.

VE.Bus RS-485 communication port – extensive, new possibilities

All Phoenix inverters out of the compact-series are equipped with a RS-485 data port. Via the optional VE Interface MK2-USB you can connect the inverter to a PC or notebook. This allows many new possibilities in terms of configuration and monitoring.

Following some of the most important new features:

Individual adjustment of parameters such as output voltage, frequency, upper and lower voltage limit and much more…can be integrated in a computer-aided monitoring and control systemall Phoenix inverters can also be used with VENet – Victron’s innovative monitoring network – or any other computer-aided control and monitoring systemeasy programing of the integrated relay. The relay can be used to produce signals for special events or to start a generator, for exampleparallel or three-phase operation with other Phoenix inverter

The main focus during the development of the new Phonex series was to create an inverter with a clean sine output and high efficiency. Thanks to latest hybrid-HF technology Victron was able to create a high-quality product with small dimensions and low weight which provides any needed performance easily.
Additionally SinusMax technology, new within this series, allows very high peak-currents of 2400W.

Technical data

  • 1000W constant output, suitable for all common 24V batteries
  • Pure sine wave (50Hz)
  • Higher peak-currents thanks to Victron’s Sinus-Max technology
  • Converts 24V DC into 230V AC (pure sine wave)
  • Advanced hybrid-HF technology – more performance and less vulnerable to faults compared to common high-frequency technology
  • Very low consumption, high efficiency
  • Integrated energy-saving mode
  • Bipolar alarm contact that can be used as output for an on/off-remote control
  • SinusMax technology
  • The most important characteristic about this technology is a very high starting current capacity which is not possible with common HF-technology.
  • Phoenix inverters can easily handle high starting currents of, for example, refrigerating compressors, tools and others.
  • Nearly unlimited performance through parallel and three-phase operation:
  • Up to six inverters can be connected parallely to increase performance. Also three-phase operation is possible.
  • Load switch to other AC-current sources.

Automatic load switch: For smaller performance demands we recommend the Filax auto-switch. With its help computers and other sensitive electronic devices can be supplied free of interruptions as the switching times are very short (<20ms).

Article number : CIN241220000

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