Furuno AIS Class B Transponder


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Furuno AIS Transponder for Non-SOLAS Equipped Vessels

Increase Your Situational Awareness

The Furuno FA50 is a Class B AIS (Automatic Identification System) transponder capable of exchanging navigation and ship data between own ship and other ships or coastal stations. It complies with IMO MSC. 140(76) Annex 3, A.694, ITU-R M.1371-2 and DSC ITU-R M.825-3. It also complies with IEC 60945 (EMC and environmental conditions).

The FA50 consists of a transponder unit with GPS antenna. A VHF antenna is required and should be supplied separately. Also included is AIS viewer software from MaxSea, which allows basic display of AIS targets on a PC.

The transponder contains a VHF transmitter, two TDMA receivers on two parallel VHF channels, interface, communication processor, and internal GPS receiver. The internal GPS is a 12-channel all-in-view receiver with differential capability. It also gives position, COG and SOG.

Dimensions: 10″W x 3.5″H x 8.6″D; Wt: 3.3 lbs.
Part Number: FUR-FA50

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