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Maxwell VWC 2500 Windlass 3/8" 3B chain 12V


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 Maxwell VWC 2500 Vertical Windlass and Capstan 

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  • Maxwell VWC 2500 Windlass w/ Capstan & Chain pipe, vertical drum w/ below-deck motor, 2500 lb. max capacity, for 3/8" 3B chain, pulls rope @ 50'/min, 12 VDC, 1200 Watt motor. Includes footswitch and emergency handle. For decks up to 4" thick. 
  • VWC Vertical Windlass and Capstan
  • Vertical Windlass and Capstan with Below-Deck Motor and Chain pipe
  • The VWC Series is designed for automatic vertical handling of chain only anchor rodes while offering an independent capstan for the retrieval of a secondary rope and chain rode or to assist with docking procedures.


  • Fully automatic single or dual direction chainwheel operation.
  • The high-quality finish on above-deck components.
  • Heavy chrome over marine-grade bronze.
  • Integral chain pipe and stripper are aligned for virtually jam-free operation providing an automatic feed of chain into and out of the anchor locker.
  • Port and starboard chain pipes for twin installations. (Sizes 2200 and above only).
  • Cone-type brake/clutch mechanism permits manual free fall anchoring.
  • Cone clutches, unlike dog clutches, provide smooth progressive engagement ensuring safe and precise operator control.
  • Chainwheel locking pawl.
  • Optional band brake available for 3500 series units.
  • Functional rope hauling from any direction using independent MAX-grip snag-free warping drum with the clutch disengagement of chainwheel for positive control of all ropes.
  • Simple through deck installation by modular design and precise alignment of the gearbox to the top works utilizing marine-grade stainless steel bolts.
  • Anodized aluminum gearbox and spacer on 1000 and 1500 models. Marine-grade alloy gearbox housing finished with a two-coat paint system on 2200, 2500 and 3500 models
  • Heavy-duty, dual direction motor, designed for marine winches.
  • Low profile configurations (no warping drum) are available.

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