Solar Charge Controller

Charge controller-MPPT -Maximum Point Tracking-Solar controller

A charge controller, charge regulator or battery regulator is a super important component of any off-grid or renewable energy system because it controls the rate at which electric current is added to or drawn from batteries. A charge controller needs to be reliable because prevents over charging and protects against Overvoltage which is considered a safety risk and reduces battery life span and performance.

(MPPT or Maximum Point Tracking) is an electronic feature on all our charge controllers which results in the increase of actual energy produced by the solar panels by as much as 30% and storing it in the battery bank. It accomplishes this by isolating the cells on the solar array producing the highest power at any time during the day.

This feature maximizes your solar array and reduces charge time even on less than ideal sunny days and less than the perfect angle to the sun.

SeaPeople Depot carries the full line of Victron Energy charge controllers considered to be the gold standard for most energy system components as well as other Premium quality MPPT Charge controllers which can be used for many different off-grid applications including all land applications and marine.