Shaft Line Cutter

What does a Shaft Line Cutter do?

Attached to your shaft just forward of your propeller, it rotates with the shaft, cutting away any rope, weed or debris that might try to entangle your shaft and propeller while you are underway.

Propeller protection device

Protect your drivetrain and propeller with the best rope, line and debris cutter there is. Available for both power and sail.

The SHAFT SHARK is a serrated edge circular blade machined from high quality (316L) type stainless steel. It is easy to install; no drilling, tapping or dismantling. It is available as a split 2x piece unit for quick and simple installation, no need to remove propeller. Also available as a single piece unit for larger diameter shafts.

Zero maintenance since there are no moving parts (cutters/bearings/zincs/stops) to maintain or replace annually. Easily re-sharpened if necessary.