Sea Anchor

A sea anchor (also known as a drift anchor, drift sock, para-anchor or boat brake) is a device which is similar to a parachute used to stabilize a boat in heavy weather. Rather than tethering the boat to the seabed, the sea anchor increases the drag through the water and thus acts as a brake.

Sea anchors have been used by fishermen and sailors for a long time, when the sea conditions are such that safety is a concern, a sea anchor positions de boat at the close hauled position and slows the drift of the boat creating a ripple effect on the water which literally reduces the strength of the waves hitting the boat and reducing rolling.

The sea anchor has also been used when there is a mechanical brake down to stabilize the boat while repairs are being conducted.

The sea anchor is an important safety item on a cruising boat.

SeaPeople Depot offers different sizes of sea anchors from PARA-TECH to fit depending on the size of your vessel.

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