Marine Radar

A Marine radar is a ranging and detection system that picks up signals from objects several hundred feet or several miles away from your boat. The Radar system sends out a signal in the form of a sound wave. This pulse is sent out from the Radar dish on top of your boat.

Marine Radars are electronic navigation instruments that use a rotating antenna to sweep a narrow beam of microwaves around the water surface surrounding the ship to the horizon, detecting targets by microwaves reflected from them, displaying a picture of the ship's surroundings on a display screen.

Marine Radar provides bearing and distance of ships and land targets in the vicinity of your own ship for collision avoidance and navigation at sea. Radar is a vital component for safety at sea and near the shore. Captains need to be able to maneuver their ships within feet in the worst of conditions and to be able to navigate "blind" when there is no visibility. Most cruisers use radar to navigate at night, during a fog or even to avoid storms while at sea.  

On dark nights, a Marine Radar can provide safe navigation and peace of mind for the skipper and crew of any ship. SeaPeople Depot offers a variety of Marine Radars commonly used on cruising boats manufactured by Raymarine, Nobeltec, Icom, Humminbird, Garmin, Furuno among others.