An Autopilot is an essential component of any cruising boat. It is very difficult to hand steer 24 hours a day for long periods of time. By having a good Autopilot you gain the freedom from being attached to the helm at all times which makes for a much more comfortable and enjoyable voyage, it is like having another crew member on board.

Autopilots all include three main components: a heading sensor that is usually a fluxgate compass, a central processing unit (a Course Computer) that is the “brain” of the autopilot, and a drive unit, a motor or hydraulic pump that applies force to your boat's rudder.

SeaPeople Depot offers a wide range of Autopilots for cruisers from the most reliable brands on the market such as Simrad, Furuno, Garmin, Raymarine, ComNav, Accusteer and others for different budgets and applications.