Lithium Battery

Why choose a Lithium battery over any other  battery?

  • Lithium battery meet all your power needs with less than 1/4 the weight and space 
  • The lithium battery has 6 to 8 times longer life than lead acid.
  • 1/2 to 2 hour recharge times (FOUR TIMES FASTER THAN LEAD ACID) .
  • Saves engine or generator running time and fuel.
  • 3 Times more energy harvested (Replaces: 6.4V, 9.6V, 12.8V, 16V, 24V, 36V, 48V, etc. )
  • Continues to perform the same and accept fast charging even towards the end of its life, unlike lead-acid batteries in which the performance decreases dramatically in the last 1/3 of battery life.
  • Continues a consistent voltage output even while battery charge is low, unlike lead-acid batteries.
  • Higher reliability and less replacement associated costs and delays.
Lithium batteries are clearly a superior technology to any other type of battery both in performance and value.   Because they can last 6-10 times more, Lithium is cheaper per charge cycle than lead acid batteries including AGM  and it is estimated that you would require about 50%  smaller battery bank for any off grid or marine application because lithium batteries can be discharged as low as 10% regularly without any damage to the batteries. Example if you have a 1000 AH battery bank of lead acid you can easily replace it with a 400-500 AH Lithium battery bank and actually result in having a higher capacity and better performance; The reason being that even the best lead acid batteries are damaged and their life span drastically reduced when discharged below 50% regularly and that means that whatever your daily consumption , it must be doubled or tripled to extend the life of the lead acid battery bank.   Lithium batteries unlike lead acid batteries do not get damaged if undercharged.  SeaPeople Depot carries the full line of Victron Energy Lithium batteries and equipment as well other premium lithium batteries.