Power Inverters and Inverter Combinations

Power Inverter is a device that turns direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). In other words, it is a power adapter. It allows a battery-based system to run conventional appliances through conventional home wiring.

Power Inverters are commonly used on houses, cruising boats, RVs, oil Riggs, and other off-grid applications to power A/C devices such as blenders, microwaves, toasters, TVs or to charge computers, power drills, etc.

Power Inverters are truly the heart of any renewable energy applications because all the power is running through the Inverter.

To determine the size of an Inverter or Inverters for your needs, add up the wattage of all your AC electronics and round it off to the higher amount ( some Inverters can be installed in parallel to reach the desired wattage ) Example: 2 Inverters of 3000 Watts each can be installed in parallel to reach 6000 Watts.

Some inverters will operate as both an inverter and converter (battery charger), recharging the battery bank when grid power is available and automatically switching into an inverter mode when the grid power is lost keeping your priority circuits always powered.

Other systems combine an MPPT solar charge controller, an inverter/charger and AC distribution in one enclosure, such as the EasySolar from Victron

How Do I determine what size Inverter I need?

  • The sum total of the startup wattage of all your A/C powered electronics   ( If the wattage is not on the item you can call the manufacturer )  will give you the number of watts needed. You can then, determine the size and quantity of Inverters for your system.
  • Victron Inverters and Victron Inverter Chargers have made a name for themselves for their usefulness on various applications such as off-grid homes, oil rigs, and boats of all types. Their ruggedness, reliability, simple installation and good technical support make them the industry standard. Victron Energy makes it easy to stack up to 6 Inverters in parallel until reaching the desired power.
SeaPeople Depot offers some of the most reliable Inverter Charger Combinations used in many different off-grid and marine applications.