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Victron Battery Management System BMS 12/200

Victron Energy

  • $238.00

The BMS is designed for use with Victron Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. Its function is to manage the battery bank and prevent overcharging or over discharging. The BMS 12/200 comes with a 12V 200A short-circuit load output, Li-ion battery over-discharge  protection, starter battery discharge protection, adjustable alternator current limit and remote on-off switch. 

  • This BMS is specifically intended for use with motor vehicles
  • It has the ability to restrict the amount of power taken from the vehicle alternator to charge the Lithium batteries
  • Datasheet
The 12/200 is particularly useful if a Victron inverter/charger is not used and there is a need to connect with another brand of inverter/charger but it is for fairly low current applications. The VE.Bus BMS is intended for use with Victron inverter/chargers and communicates digitally with them . The VE BMS  will work with 12, 24, or 48V installations but the BMS 12/1200 is only for 12 volt applications.  The BMS12/200 internally controlls DC Charge/Discharge but the VE BUS BMS controls external relays to do the same job. 
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