AGM Battery

Marine Batteries have become one of the most important items for today's cruisers. Batteries for boats have evolved considerably over the last few years since the invention of the Lead Acid battery many years ago to the more advanced AGM Battery and Lithium batteries being used by cruisers of today. The evolution has been in direct response to the demands of the modern cruisers who depend on a reliable energy system to power navigational, communications and others systems on board. The price per charge cycle has been decreased significantly and the lifespan of the battery has been significantly increased.

AGM (absorbed glass mat) Batteries are great in both deep cycle and starting applications. They charge more quickly than conventional batteries, have low 3% monthly self-discharge rates and are maintenance-free—no need to add water. The spill-proof, valve-regulated design eliminates acid spills and terminal corrosion. AGM batteries are safer to operate than conventional flooded batteries, as the chance of explosion or acid spray is reduced which allow them to be installed in almost any location and any position (except upside-down).

1. VRLA technology

VRLA stands for Valve Regulated Lead Acid, which means that the batteries are sealed. Gas will escape through the safety valves only in case of overcharging or cell failure. VRLA batteries are maintenance free for life.

2. Sealed (VRLA) AGM Batteries

AGM stands for Absorbent Glass Mat. In these batteries, the electrolyte is absorbed into a glass-fiber mat between the plates by capillary action.  AGM batteries are more suitable for short-time delivery of very high currents (engine starting) than gel batteries.

3. Battery Discharging Characteristics

The rated capacity of Victron AGM and Gel Deep Cycle batteries refers to 20-hour discharge, in other words: a discharge current of 0,05 C. The rated capacity of Victron Tubular Plate Long Life batteries refers to 10 hours discharge. The effective capacity decreases with increasing discharge current. Please note that the capacity reduction will be even faster in case of a constant power load, such as an inverter.  

SeaPeople Depot offers AGM Batteries and Lithium Batteries capable of replacing most Lead Acid battery banks on cruising boats.

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