Why Switching to Clean Energy is kind of Important?

We just got the latest numbers on climate change and unfortunately it is progressing faster than most scientists initially predicted. The huge amounts of CO2 we are putting in the air are helping to melt the ice caps faster than it was expected. 

We are definitely among the optimists but the dooms day scenarios from Hollywood movies are becoming more probable each day, humanity is undeniably headed for a massive global catastrophe unless we solve this problem quickly. If we are not able to turn this ship around it won’t matter your political beliefs, race, nationality or religion; all of us including our kids and grandkids will perish.

How can I help? That is the question all of us must ask, each of us is able to contribute a little bit by doing all the things we know can help reduce CO2 and by spreading the message to other people as well as engage in the topic of climate change with everyone we know. Each one of us has a sphere of influence in social media, why not post something about this topic and engage in this discussion? Not in whether it’s real or not, that is not up for debate but how we can solve it.

We live in a society that is inundated with useless and meaningless information. Whatever our latest interests are, we will get tons of posts and videos related to that from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. so why not use those platforms to bring awareness to your friends and family about climate change and how we all need to help. Let’s pretend for a second that your friend’s lives and yours depended on all of us working together because, of course, it does.

Switching to clean energy is a given, we must do that. If you have a house and you are still taking all your power from the grid, then think about making the change. The truth is that it makes a lot of sense financially because you will be using your current energy bill to pay off for your system and build equity in your house. This is done through Net metering which basically means that your electric meter will go backwards when you are producing more energy than you need, and you will be credited with the extra power and get paid from the power company. If this was not enough incentive, the federal government has an actual Tax credit called the “ITC” or Investment Tax Credit which will pay you 30% of the cost of your solar system. That means if the system costs $25,000, you’ll get $7,500 from the federal government. If you finance your system you can pay about the same amount of money, you’ll be saving on your electric bill and instantly increase the value of your house. Not too bad of a deal wouldn’t you say?

Full disclosure: Not every house is a good candidate for Solar Energy since you must have enough sun exposure and the correct angle to the sun during the peak hours of the day and not every state does Net metering, but you can easily look up to find out if your state does it.

Be the solution.



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