Why mariners choose Victron over any other Inverter!

Being a cruising sailor and interacting with countless other cruising sailors you undoubtedly start to talk about your equipment, and everyone knows how sailors love to tell you the good and the bad of their experiences. Victron is at the top of the list when it comes to Inverters and Inverter chargers for cruising sailboats or trawlers. Having the latest and most advanced features is only one of the reasons why sailors choose Victron Inverters over any other inverter. Having a long track record of reliability and good customer service comes first for all mariners especially the ones that tend to travel outside of their comfort zones and need full proof reliable equipment to take along on their adventures.

Besides winning many internationally recognized awards in the last 5 years for their Victron Phoenix , Victron Multiplus, and Victron Quattro lines, Victron continues to invest more than any other company in their research and development so it’s no wonder they are usually on the cutting edge of technology .

The company has grown in popularity not just in the US but globally as well and their international sales continue to grow exponentially. Success like this is not just clever marketing it is all about creating great products and backing them up with an industry leading warranty.

There is no question that the Inverter is one of the most important pieces of equipment on any off-grid application and especially on a ship where it’s not as easy as ordering a part and getting it in a couple of days.

Victron has stood the test of time and the very demanding test of the ocean, being the equipment of choice by a ratio of 2:1 over any other brand by mariners worldwide.

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