Why is the Lofrans Tigres Anchor Windlass so Popular?

The Lofrans Tigres is a powerful electric anchor windlass with its motor rated at 1500 Watts and a rated lifting power of 2300 lbs. It is extremely durable because it is built out of marine grade aluminum alloy designed to withstand the harsh marine environment. The Tigres is a horizontal anchor windlass which is a great option when below deck space is limited. The series-wound motor and oil lubricated gearbox are all mounted on the windlass deck, making installation extremely simple. (click on the image below for specs and price)


Why is the Lofrans Tigres Anchor Windlass so Popular?


The Tigres has a top mounting snubbing cleat which is very useful and a standard manual override. Maintenance is simple on the Tigres with its oil level window.

Additional features on the Tigres are:

· All chain retrieval

· Anodized Finish

· Dual Direction, Series wound motor

· Bronze Gears

· Stainless Steel Worm Drive Gearbox

· Stainless Mainshaft

· Deck ring chain pipe

· Stainless chain stripper

· Rope Capstan


 Standard Equipment:

· Watertight Control Box

· Two (2) Footswitches

· Chainwheel

· Manual Override w/Handle


Cruisers depend on their equipment and over time the Lofrans Tigres has been one of the most popular anchor windlasses among liveaboard cruisers and circumnavigators because of its ruggedness and reliability.

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