The Sailors Creed

The Sailors CreedHe who ventures out into the tameless and unforgiving oceans of the world joins an ancient and unspoken brotherhood, one that has been in place longer than anyone can remember.  All sailors know about it, instinctively, without ever being told it exists. All sailors know that they are bound by it, no matter your nationality, color, language or religion. This brotherhood is based on a creed: all sailors shall come to the aid of any sailor in need. That you shall help any and all that are in need of such help for there will surely come a time when you and perhaps your life shall depend on the kindness of others and so you shall not deny help to any fellow sailor no matter how small it may seem at the time.   When helped by a fellow sailor, you shall simply pay it forward and each time you extend a helping hand to another in need, the great universe shall provide another helping hand whenever you are in need and the kindness shall return to you. 

Whether you own a small or large ship, the creed is the same. Help, help without expectation of money or any other form of reward, only the knowledge that you have helped a fellow sailor in need. Help without hesitation, help without second guessing your decision to help for one day the shoe will undoubtedly be on the other foot.

This is the sailor’s creed and as you set sail, know that although the perils will be many and your courage shall be tested on many occasions. The mother ocean, although beautiful and abundant, can be an angry mistress who can reduce even the most courageous lions among us too cowardly mice. Know now and always that you are not alone and that every sailor is your brother or sister who will come to your aid and you to theirs if the need shall arise.

We are all connected, we are all one and each one of us shares our love for adventure and the sea. Every one of us a hopeless romantic, an endless creator of dreams. Dreams of freedom and travel and joy, feeling the wind on our faces and the sun on our backs as proof that we are still alive. When the day comes that our body tires and we can no longer look at the great horizon and dream of distant shores, we shall rest but remember these days and smile.

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