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Whether you are still on the hard getting ready for your next adventure or you are already on the water but are still crossing out important items from your list, to find the best discount marine equipment and much more, visit us at www.seapeopledepot .com and you’ll see that we match or beat all other discount marine equipment stores online. 


Here are our 10 most requested Items of 2017:


Inverters and Inverter Combinations 

An Inverter is a device that converts direct current into alternating current.

Inverters are commonly used on cruising boats and other off-grid applications to power A/C devices such as blenders, microwaves, toasters, TVs or to charge computers, power drills, etc.

Some inverters will operate as both an inverter and battery charger, recharging the battery bank when grid power is available and automatically switching into an inverter mode when the grid power is lost keeping your priority circuits always powered.

Other systems combine an MPPT solar charge controller, an inverter/charger and AC distribution in one enclosure, such as the EasySolar from Victron

SeaPeople Depot offers some of the most reliable Inverter Charger Combinations from Victron Energy.


AIS System                       

AIS System, Automatic Identification System (AIS) is an automated tracking system that displays other vessels in the vicinity. It is a broadcast transponder system which operates in the VHF mobile maritime band. Your own ship also shows on the screens of other vessels in the vicinity, provided your vessel is fitted with AIS.

AIS has become an important safety item to help skippers everywhere navigate at night and under any condition by providing the correct positioning and directions of all vessels within range while at the same time alerting all vessels in the area of your vessel’s position.

Without a doubt, the invention of AIS has been a game changer in the cruising community both for coastal cruisers and ocean navigators alike.

SeaPeople Depot offers a variety of popular AIS Systems, AIS Transponder, AIS Transponder with combo, AIS receiver, Dual channel, AIS receiver Antenna, AIS for iPhone / Ipad, Class A AIS System, Class B AIS System from the biggest manufacturers like Furuno, Simrad, Digital Yacht


Chartplotter – Combo Plotter/Sounder                                

A Chartplotter is a device used in marine navigation that integrates GPS data with an electronic navigational chart (ENC). The chart plotter displays the ENC along with the position, heading, and speed of the ship, and may display additional information from radar, automatic information systems (AIS) or other sensors.

Chartplotters have become an essential part of any cruising boat as they provide accurate and reliable data to the skipper about the ship position as well as nearby dangers and although nothing is 100% reliable in every situation, chartplotters are extremely popular among cruisers.

SeaPeople Depot offers different types of Chartplotters, combination Chartplotter/Sounder from some of the most popular manufacturers such as Humminbird, Garmin, Furuno, Lowrance among others


Marine Wind Generators                   

A wind generator or wind turbine produces power from the wind as the blades rotate. A wind generator is a perfect complement to a solar system. Wind Generators are great for night sailing or cloudy days when the solar panels are not effective. The best marine wind generators can withstand the tough marine environment and start producing power at low wind speeds.

SeaPeople Depot offers the line of marine wind generators by Primus which include an internal charge controller, are easy to install and start working at 7 knots of wind


Solar Charge Controller            

Marine Charge Controller- MPPT Charge Controller- Solar Controller
A charge controller, charge regulator or battery regulator limits the rate at which electric current is added to or drawn from electric batteries. It prevents overcharging and may protect against overvoltage, which can reduce battery performance or lifespan, and may pose a safety risk.

An MPPT ( Maximum Power Point Tracking ) Charge Controller can increase the production of your solar panel array by up to 30% by isolating the solar cells on the panels producing the most charge.

SeaPeople Depot offers some of the most popular Charge Controllers like MidNite Solar Morningstar, Tristar, Magnum, Genasun, Blue Sky Energy Solar.


Marine Solar Panels               

A Marine Solar panel Is a device designed to absorb the sun’s rays as a source of energy for generating electricity onboard.

A good array of Solar Panels can provide all the energy necessary on most days. Most cruisers use Solar Panels in combination with a wind generator for nighttime and cloudy days.

The use of Solar Panels represents unlimited free energy on board, it means extending your engine’s life and less noise from engine or generator use.

To increase the effectiveness of Solar Panels, an MPPT Solar Charge Controller is recommended.

SeaPeople Depot offers different types of Solar Panels including rigid and semiflexible of different capacities from Ganz Eco-Energy.



An electric windlass lifts the anchor at the push of a button. Electric windlass have become very common on cruising boats because of their convenience and practicality. Electric windlass have also become a safety item since the boat could easily be moved to a better position by lifting the anchor quickly and deploying it again when you are not sure if the anchor was set properly or if the boat is in the correct position.

An electric windlass also allows you to have an all-chain anchor rode which is recommended for safety reasons on a cruising boat.

SeaPeople Depot offers horizontal and vertical type electric windlasses from Maxwell to fit different boat sizes.



Communication at sea is both a safety consideration as well as a practical one. Being able to communicate in the event of an emergency, getting weather updates and staying in touch with loved ones and business are all high up on the priority list for today's cruisers.

Having several back up systems of communication is highly recommended when venturing offshore.

When you plan a coastal or offshore race or cruise, or perhaps a trip to the Bahamas or the Caribbean, you will be out of range of VHF radio, the standard local ship-to-ship or ship-to-shore communication system, whenever you are more than 20 miles offshore. Cell phones offer even less range, as well as dropped calls, although cruisers can boost their range with antennas.

SeaPeople Depot offers several options for communication at sea from some of the better-known manufacturers like Garmin, Furuno, Icom, Digital Yacht among others.


Discounted Marine Equipment  

The cruising community is alive and well, increasingly people are selling everything on land and choosing a life at sea, a life of travel, adventure, and challenges to be sure but the shared experiences and tips from other cruisers make it so much easier for a newbie to learn the ropes and become a competent captain able to not only sail his/her ship but to maintain all the systems on the vessel in good working condition and overcome any problems.

At SeaPeople Depot, we are using technology to help others in their journey. Through How-To videos provided to us by other cruisers, we can help new and experienced cruisers. If you are not camera shy and would like to video a product review, installation of any equipment or a repair of anything on your boat, send it to us at info@seapeopledepot.com and we will post it on our YouTube channel for other cruisers to benefit from it. Helping you and others by turning cruising dreams into reality is what we aim to do every single day

If you are planning a cruise to the tropics this year or you are already there, you’ll be happy to know that we can help you arrange delivery to the different islands from the US. 

Fair Winds!



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