Is it “YARD TIME”? Patience is your friend

Probably anyone that has ever bought a cruising boat, dreams of endless and relaxing days and nights sailing on blue oceans and traveling to new exotic destinations. The allure of adventure and mesmerizing experiences that take your breath away because of their sheer beauty are the main attractions for all of us who own cruising boats but there is another side to this coin and it can be challenging but rewarding at the same time, “Yard time”.

Your vessel is not just your transportation but also your home during the time that you are there. You depend on its seaworthiness and equipment to get you through any and all situations safely, this means that you need to devote enough time to prepare your vessel for your next adventure and make sure that you are keeping up with the maintenance of the hull, rigging, engines and all other equipment onboard so you can expect the least amount of problems (perfection is impossible) when you are out in “the big tank”. We will often have to learn new things about electricity, fiberglass, electronics, water makers, rigging, safety, paint and many other little and not so little items on the list of things to do prior to casting the lines. The most challenging part of this period is having the patience and persistence to get through all the projects and not to get over anxious about how long it will take, there is an old saying “Infinite patience brings immediate results” and this is definitely a time to apply it. Enjoy the journey, with every step you are taking, you are creating your dream so relax and take it one day at a time. Fair winds!!!

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