How to Choose the right inverter or Inverter Charger

A Power Inverter is truly the heart of any off-grid system and its reliability is a top priority.  A Power Inverter is a device that turns direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC).

Power Inverters are commonly used on cruising boats, RVs, oil Riggs, houses and other off-grid applications to power A/C devices such as TVs, microwaves, toasters, blenders, computers, power drills, etc. 

Some Inverters will operate as both an Inverter and battery charger ( Converter ), recharging the battery bank when grid power is available and automatically switching into an Inverter mode when the grid power is lost, keeping your priority circuits always powered.

Some systems combine an MPPT Solar Charge Controller, an inverter/charger and AC distribution in one enclosure ( Check out EasySolar model below )

How Do I determine what size Inverter I need?

The sum total of the startup wattage of all your A/C powered electronics ( If the wattage is not on the item you can call the manufacturer ) will give you the number of watts needed. You can then, determine the size and quantity of Inverters for your system.

Victron Inverters and Victron Inverter Chargers have made a name for themselves for their usefulness on various applications such as off-grid homes, oil rigs, and boats of all types. Their ruggedness, reliability, simple installation and good technical support make them the industry standard.

Victron Energy makes it easy to stack up to 6 Power Inverters in parallel until reaching the desired power.

The following are some the most popular Victron Inverters ( For prices and more information click on the link below )

Victron Phoenix Inverter

The Victron Phoenix series inverters are competitively priced yet efficient and built to last. One of the specifications we’re asked about on smaller inverters is the no-load power consumption, and this is one of the areas where the Victron Phoenix Inverters really shines, with about half the consumption of the closest competition.

If you really need to rely on your inverter, or you’re just tired of tossing your budget models in the trash every few years, we highly recommend these.

Victron Phoenix Inverters feature :

SinusMax – Superior engineering

Developed for professional duty, the Phoenix range of inverters is suitable for the widest range of applications. The design criteria have been to produce a true sine wave inverter with optimized efficiency but without compromise in performance. Employing hybrid HF technology, the result is a top quality product with compact dimensions, light in weight and capable of supplying power, problem-free, to any load.

Extra start-up power

A unique feature of the SinusMax technology is very high start-up power. Conventional high-frequency technology does not offer such extreme performance. Victron Phoenix inverters, however, are well suited to power up difficult loads such as computers and low power electric tools.

LED diagnosis

Please see manual for a description.

Remote on/off switch

Connector for remote on-off switch available on all models.

Built-in protection

All models feature low battery voltage, high battery voltage, high temperature, overload, and short circuit protection.

Victron EasySolar Inverter Charger

All – in – one solar power solution

The Victron EasySolar combines two MPPT solar charge controller, an Inverter/Charger and AC distribution in one enclosure

The product is easy to install, with a minimum of wiring.

The solar charge controllers: Blue Solar MPPT 100/50

Up to six strings of PV panels can be connected to six sets of MC4 (PV-ST01) PV connectors.

The inverter/charger: MultiPlus Compact 12/1600/70 or 24/1600/40

The MPPT charge controllers and the MultiPlus Compact Inverter/Charger share the DC battery connection. The batteries can be charged with solar power (2x BlueSolar MPPT) and/or with AC power (inverter/charger) from the utility grid or a genset.

AC distribution

The AC distribution consists of a RCD (30 mA/16 A) and four AC outputs protected by two 10A and two 16A circuit breakers.
One 16A output is controlled by the AC input: it will switch on only when AC is available.


Unique PowerAssist technology protects the utility or generator supply from being overloaded by adding extra inverter power when needed.

Unique solar application software

Several software programs (Assistants) are available to configure the system for various grid interactive or stand-alone applications

Victron Multiplus Compact Inverter Charger

Multi-functional, with intelligent power management

The Victron MultiPlus is a powerful true sine wave inverter, a sophisticated battery charger that features adaptive charge technology and a high-speed AC transfer switch in a single compact enclosure. Next, to these primary functions, the MultiPlus has several advanced features, as outlined below.

Unique PowerAssist feature

The MultiPlus will prevent overload of a limited AC source.

Uninterrupted AC power (UPS function)

In the event of a grid failure or shore or generator power being disconnected, the inverter within the Multi is automatically activated and takes over the supply to the connected loads.

Two AC Outputs

The main output has no-break functionality. The Victron MultiPlus takes over the supply to the connected loads in the event of a grid failure or when shore/generator power is disconnected. This happens so fast (less than 20 milliseconds) that computers and other electronic equipment will continue to operate without disruption.

The second output is live only when AC is available on one of the inputs of the MultiPlus. Loads that should not discharge the battery, like a water heater for example, can be connected to this output (second output available on models rated at 3kVA and more).

Virtually unlimited power thanks to parallel operation

Up to 6 Multi’s can operate in parallel to achieve higher power output. Six 24/5000/120 units, for example, will provide 25 kW / 30 kVA output power with 720 Amps charging capacity.

Three phase capability

In addition to parallel connection, three units of the same model can be configured for three-phase output. But that’s not all: up to 6 sets of three units can be parallel connected for a huge 75 kW / 90 kVA inverter and more than 2000 Amps charging capacity.

PowerControl – Dealing with a limited generator, shoreside or grid power

The Victron MultiPlus is a very powerful battery charger. It will, therefore, draw a lot of current from the generator or shore side supply (nearly 10A per 5kVA Multi at 230VAC).

With the Multi Control Panel, a maximum generator or shore current can be set. The MultiPlus will then take account of other AC loads and use whatever is extra for charging, thus preventing the generator or shore supply from being overloaded.

PowerAssist – Boosting the capacity of shore or generator power

This feature takes the principle of PowerControl to a further dimension. It allows the Victron MultiPlus to supplement the capacity of the alternative source. Where peak power is so often required only for a limited period, the MultiPlus will make sure that insufficient shore or generator power is immediately compensated for by power from the battery. When the load reduces, the spare power is used to recharge the battery.

Four stage adaptive charger and dual bank battery charging

The main output provides a powerful charge to the battery system by means of advanced ‘adaptive charge’ software. The software fine-tunes the three-stage automatic process to suit the condition of the battery and adds a fourth stage for long periods of float charging.

The adaptive charge process is described in more detail on the Phoenix Charger datasheet and on our website, under Technical Information. In addition to this, the MultiPlus will charge the second battery using an independent trickle charge output intended for a main engine or generator starter battery (trickle charge output available on 12V and 24V models only).

System configuring has never been easier

After installation, the Victron MultiPlus is ready to go.
If settings have to be changed, this can be done in a matter of minutes with a new DIP switch setting procedure.

Even parallel and 3-phase operation can be programmed with DIP switches: no computer needed!

Alternatively, VE.Net can be used instead of the DIP switches.
Sophisticated software (VE.Bus Quick Configure and VE.Bus System Configurator) is available to configure several new, advanced, features.

Victron Energy EasyPlus Compact Inverter Charger

Multi-functional power solution

The EasyPlus is a multifunctional energy system consisting of a powerful sine wave inverter, a sophisticated battery charger, a high-speed AC transfer switch and AC distribution in a single lightweight and compact enclosure.

The system has been designed for those who want to enjoy the comfort and freedom of a complete energy system without spending time on the installation of separate components and difficult technical procedures.

Optimum comfort and safety

The Victron EasyPlus guarantees uninterrupted power supply, whenever and wherever you are. Where shore or generator power is limited, the unique PowerAssist® technology makes it possible to boost the total capacity by adding extra energy from the batteries. Optimum safety is guaranteed with the integrated RCD (Residual Current Device) protecting against earth leakage.

5 step installation: quick and easy

The Victron EasyPlus gets its name from the simplicity of installation and use. The system can be installed within five simple steps making significant savings in time as well as space. The EasyPlus provides plugs and sockets for all AC connections and is supplied with the battery cables already fitted so you can save hours in installation time.

Step 1. Select a suitable place for the EasyPlus (as close as possible to the batteries) and install the wall mounting bracket. Attach the EasyPlus to the bracket and secure it with the screws provided.
Step 2. Connect the shore/generator input power and the outgoing circuits (including dedicated water heater feed) to the EasyPlus.
Step 3. Connect the control panel (optional) with the UTP patch lead.
Step 4. Connect the battery cables and temperature sensor to the batteries
(also supplied as standard).
Step 5. Switch on the RCD, the AC distribution and the inverter/charger and the system is ready to use.

How does it work?

The Victron EasyPlus is connected to the batteries and to the shore power or generator. The maximum available generator or shore current is set using the dial on the control panel. The power consumers are divided into two groups. The first group consists of the ‘regular’, low or short-term power users such as sockets or kitchen equipment. This group can be fed from both shore/generator and battery power via the inverter. The second group is the ‘heavy user’ circuit. This can be a water heater or the air-conditioning. In order to protect the batteries from excessive discharge, this group is shore/generator-only and cannot be supplied when the inverter is functioning. Unique PowerAssist® technology protects the shore or generator from being overloaded by adding extra inverter power when needed.

Victron Energy Ecomulti Inverter Charger

A simple wall mounted energy storage solution

The Victron ECOmulti can be wall mounted, is easy to install, easy to program and easy to operate.

Extremely flexible

Energy storage can be increased by adding battery modules. - AC power can be increased by paralleling ECOmulti modules. - Three ECOmulti modules can be configured for three-phase operation.

Two ECOmulti modules can be configured for split phase operation.

More self-consumption, more independence

With 2,3 kWh Li-ion storage capacity and a 3 kVA bidirectional inverter, the ECOmulti reduces dependence on power from the grid.

The growing interest in self-consumption is driven by increasing retail electricity prices and simultaneously decreasing feed-in tariffs. Feed in tariffs are decreasing a. o. because it becomes increasingly difficult, and expensive, to ensure the stability of the grid as more solar and wind power comes online. Simultaneously, the retail price of electricity is increasing, to cover these same costs plus the cost to keep conventional power plants in hot standby to back-up renewable power generation in case the sun is not shining and/or the wind is not blowing.


During the night the ECOmulti is disconnected from the grid. The home is powered by energy stored in the battery. The ECOmulti will reconnect to the grid when the battery is discharged.

Battery charging

The next day, when the PV array produces sufficient power to supply the loads and to start charging the battery, the ECOmulti will regulate charge current to absorb nearly 100% of the surplus PV power.

Discharging during the day

When PV output is reduced by clouds or when a power-hungry load is switched on, resulting in no surplus PV power available, battery charging will stop. Insufficient PV power will be supplemented by power from the ECOmulti. In case of overload, power will be imported from the grid to supplement power from the ECOmulti (GridAssist function), and system shut down due to overload will be prevented.

Battery fully charged

Once the battery is fully charged, additional loads (for example the water heater) can be switched on, or surplus power will be exported to the grid.

End of the day

The ECOmulti disconnects from the grid about 10 minutes after PV power has become insufficient to provide any charge current. In order to prevent false disconnections due to lack of sun during the day, the inverter/charger also uses an internal timer to predict the end of the day.

UPS function

When the grid fails, the ECOmulti will continue to power the home.

Victron Energy MultiGrid Inverter Charger

Victron Energy Multigrid Inverter Charger is a special version of the MultiPlus Inverter / Charger. It has been specially designed for on-grid battery storage systems. In order to comply with VDE-AR-N 4105, various adaptations have been made to the hardware and firmware.

MultiGrid smooths out the risk of grid instability and energy costs by utilizing energy storage and self-consumption.
ESS: Energy Storage Systems

MultiGrid is the key component in a Victron ESS system, providing the flexibility to combine with MPPT Solar Chargers or Grid-tie PV Inverters for example

Remote Monitoring and Control

Monitor and control your MultiGrid and system or systems' locally (LAN) or remotely via the internet from anywhere in the world, using the free VRM app and free VRM portal website. Access can be from a phone, tablet, laptop or PC for multiple operating systems. There is no end to the level of control, via the required Color Control GX or Venus GX, from adjusting your MultiGrid to auto-starting a back generator and more...

Uninterrupted AC power (UPS function)

In the event of a grid failure, or when shore or generator power is disconnected, the inverter within the Multi is automatically activated and takes over the supply to the connected loads. This happens so fast (less than 20 milliseconds) that computers and other electronic equipment will continue to operate without disruption.

Virtually unlimited power thanks to parallel operation

Up to 6 Multis can operate in parallel to achieve higher power output. Three phase or split phase operation is also possible. Please check our datasheets to see which models have paralleling, three-phase and split phase capabilities.

Based on this standard, the Multigrid has been approved by Synergrid (list C10 / 26) for use in systems connected to the network, without an additional ENS (network switch).

The installation is thus simplified (fewer components) and therefore costs less.

" Multifunction inverter with an intelligent energy management "

Victron Energy Multi Inverter Charger

Victron Energy Multi 500VA is a powerful true sine wave inverter, a sophisticated battery charger that features adaptive charge technology and a high-speed AC transfer switch in a single compact enclosure.

Proven Reliability

The full bridge plus toroidal transformer topology has proven its reliability over many years. The inverter is short circuit proof and protected against overheating, whether due to overload or high ambient temperature.

High Start-Up Power

Needed to start high inrush loads such as power converters for LED lamps, halogen lamps or electric tools.

Search Mode

When Search Mode is ‘on’, the power consumption of the inverter in no-load operation is decreased by approx. 70%. In this mode the Multi, when operating in inverter mode, is switched off in case of no load or very low load, and switches on every two seconds for a short period. If the output current exceeds a set level, the inverter will continue to operate. If not, the inverter will shut down again.

Programmable Relay

By default, the programmable relay is set as an alarm relay, i.e. the relay will de-energize in the event of an alarm or a pre-alarm (inverter almost too hot, ripple on the input almost too high, battery voltage almost too low).

Remote On / OFF / Charger ON

Remote operation can be implemented by connecting a switch to the three pole connector.

Whichever Victron Inverter model you choose you are sure to have a positive experience. Victron products have a 5-year warranty and an excellent company behind it. They have been tried and tested on renewable energy systems all over the world. If you have further questions about these products visit us at


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