How Convenient is my e-bike on My Sailboat ?


I’ve been living on a sailboat for over a decade and mobility whenever I travel has always been an issue. If I only had a way to move quickly and without physical energy I could save a ton of time and get to do more while I travel. I’ve owned typical foldable bikes in the past, but it is physically demanding, and I have to confess that although I stay in shape I don’t want to spend so much energy just getting to the grocery store or just getting to the marina office so a few months ago I decided to get a foldable E-bike called the Whizzy Ride . Space onboard my 45 foot sailboat is at a premium, so it needed to fold up and be easily carried in and out of my tender and on to the boat. Ever since I started using it the possibilities of where I can go and do have broadened and it has saved my butt in several occasions.

One that just happened was when I had my boat’s alternator brake down while I was anchored in Lake Worth FL and waiting to cross over to the Bahamas and to get it fixed I had to get south to Fort Lauderdale which by car is about an hour in change. An uber ride would have been about $200 so I decided to take the train for $5, but the train station was 8 miles from me, so I rode my Whizzy Ride to the train station and folded it up, got to Fort Lauderdale and among several other errands I ran that day which included a trip to the bank and one to the marine store I was able to fix the alternator and whizzy Ride it back to the station, so I could get back to my boat and continue my journey.

In the Bahamas it has extended my range and really added a new element to my cruising life. I can now go further than ever before, and I have to confess it’s also fun to ride it. People everywhere keep asking me where I got the bike and how they can get one for themselves. It has become a conversational topic pretty much everywhere I go. I honestly feel you will see these E bikes everywhere because they are so convenient.

Some features I particularly like about the Whizzy Ride is that it is designed to withstand the elements and when you live on a boat at least part of the year, this is really important as we all know how salt air and water can corrode some metals. I like the fact that you get a 5-year warranty and that it’s made with really good quality components like the Bosch brushless motor made in Germany and the portable lithium battery which I can remove and charge in any 110 V outlet.

Another feature I like is the anti-theft alarm with the remote although I still use a lock. Even though I don’t use it often, it has smart speakers to listen to music and a USB charger to charge my phone.

I am not a techie at all and I do like the traditional that is why I travel on an antique sailboat, but I believe that these bikes are how people are going to move in the future. Getting from place to place faster and easier saves me time and my (no longer 20 years old) joints.

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