Dont Get Stuck at the Dock Again

Bring an Electric Vehicle on your Sailing Voyage around the World!

Dont Get Stuck at the Dock Again


SeaPeople Depot is proud to introduce The Whizzy Ride Electric Bike, a true innovation in transportation. Imagine going on your next sailing adventure with the added benefit of an electric bike when you make landfall. The Whizzy Ride is different from all other electric bikes on the market today. It is like having a motor scooter but no gas or noise! It has a powerful lithium battery which can get 18 MPH out it and up to a 28-mile range!


For those that have limited space onboard like cruising sailors who usually have very little space onboard, The Whizzy Ride works great because it’s collapsible to a very manageable size to be carried on the tender and it only weighs 39 lbs./18 kg, so it could be lifted without too much of a problem.

This truly electric vehicle includes some other very useful benefits like being able to drive at night, having cruise control, keyless entry, and an anti-theft system to protect your investment no matter where you are in the world. The Whizzy Ride is also safe with a dual brake system for the front and rear tires.


Some other cool benefits of the Whizzy Ride are the quick charging time of its Lithium battery which can be fully charged in as little as 3 hours and its smart technology which allows you to listen to music and answer phone calls while you quietly glide around without disturbing your environment and enjoying its anti-shock design with its genuine leather seat which is soft and comfortable. The Whizzy ride is truly a joy to ride.

On a watery environment the Whizzy ride also has its benefits with its aviation grade aluminum alloy frame and its waterproofing of all its systems it can withstand the harsh marine environment of being used as transportation on a small sailing craft and the exposure to the natural elements.


There are different models of the Whizzy Ride which include the




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