Peanut Butter and Jelly. Meat and potatoes. Eating and a view. Certain things are just meant to be together, and you’d be hard to find a better place to eat with a view of the sea than in South Florida. South Floridians have learned to appreciate the finer parts of life, cruisers and tourists flock to Florida from all over the world and it’s no wonder. Seapeople Depot has made a list of some of our favorite restaurants for the next time you want a perfect night out on or near the water with great food and a local flavor which is a blend of many international cultures and makes it an absolute delight to choose among the many great places to eat.

  • Gilbert’s in Blackwater Sound, Key Largo.

Great place to enjoy a local hang out that is also tons of fun as they usually have several bands and shows scheduled for the weekends. Fuel, water, and free dinghy dockage are also available. It has become a very popular place with the locals and Cruisers alike.

  • Whiskey Joe’s in Key Biscayne.

Great casual seafood and Reggae and other tropical music are just two of the attractions to Whiskey Joe’s, You can anchor on the North or South side of the Rickenbacker Causeway, dock your dinghy free of charge and take a walk along the beach which allows for you to walk your pet and even go in the water with your pet.

  • Boater’s Grill in Key Biscayne in No Name Harbor.

This Cuban flared seafood restaurant offers a safe Harbor to spend the night and amazing food with great sunsets and a nice walk along the walking trails of Bill Boggs Park. It is also a local hang out on weekends where people go to listen to music and celebrate life so if you want eye candy and people having a good time around you, try visiting on a weekend. There is also a free pump out station along the seawall and the international staff is super friendly.

  • Smith and Wollensky

Smith and Wollensky is for when you really want to impress. Located on the southern tip of Miami Beach, this steakhouse offers views of passing freighters and cruise ships. Smith and Wollensky is one of the classiest restaurants on the list and has become a staple of South Beach.

  • Rusty Pelican, Key Biscayne

There is no bad time to visit the Rusty Pelican, but we would highly recommend visiting in the evening. The sunsets here are absolutely divine, and wonderfully complement the heavenly food you eat. This place is ideal for big parties in Miami and you may anchor close by on the North or South of the Rickenbacker Causeway.

  • Briny Riverfront Pub

When it comes time to watch the big game, head to downtown Fort Lauderdale for the Briny Riverfront Pub. Watch the boats go by as you drink beer with a couple dozen of your closest friends. This place can really get going, and the party atmosphere will follow you home.

  • Grove Bay Grill

Many Miamians lament the passing of Scotty’s, but something greater has risen from the ashes. Switch over to island time as you relax with seafood in Coconut Grove. Come as you are, and keep it simple here.

  • Red Fish Grill

If there is any place to take a date in Coral Gables, it is the Red Fish Grill. You can see the lights of Miami and Key Biscayne as you dine in the candlelight. The twinkle in your date’s eyes may distract you from the fresh seafood, however, so be careful.

  • Coconuts

Coconuts is a favorite among locals and has more than earned its stellar reputation. If you love seafood, it is imperative that you swing by Coconuts. The wait staff is especially friendly, and the crabs’ legs you can get are nothing short of sumptuous. For those visiting Fort Lauderdale, this is a must.

  • Monty’s on South Beach

It is hard to beat a happy hour like Monty’s, but somehow the pristine view does it. Here it is a little bit more low-key, and the tiki setting will make you feel totally calm.

  • GG’s Waterfront Bar and Grill

In Hollywood, there is no better vista. GG’s absolutely jumps on weekends, and for good reason. Experience live music, eat fresh seafood and just enjoy the vibes.

  • American Social

American Social is tucked up against the river and can be found in Brickell. The Brickellistas rave up and down about the place. The clientele is a bit eclectic, and thrive on the low-key vibes this place has to offer.

  • Artisan Beach House

Miami has an incredibly international history, and all of the world came together to prepare the heavenly dishes here. Paula DaSilva, a world famous chef, returned to Miami and is lending his signature flair to this wonderful little waterside restaurant.

If there are any wonderful bars and restaurants we missed out on, please tell us in the comments below. Eating and cruising go together so we are always looking for the next best-kept secret to tingle our taste buds.


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